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We are a company committed to providing packaging materials for brand companies. We have been adhering to the mission of "being the green leaf of a good brand enterprise", carefully designing and manufacturing all kinds of packaging materials for brand enterprises. Specializing in the production of all kinds of corrugated box packaging, cartons, cartons, solar photovoltaic module cartons, and other types of packaging, we adhere to the quality as the basic, while the marketing concept of small profits to let the profits out of the customer first development and common development.

Xuzhou Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd. was registered in March 2006, and has been developing steadily for nearly 12 years. In the early stage, Wei Shoufang operated the business of ordinary cartons. After 2010, Wei Qi, his son, changed the direction of enterprise development and committed to the short version customized packaging that is the most difficult to do in the industry. This has brought many big customers and a huge boost in sales revenue for the company. In 2018, the company invested 12 million wholly-owned to set up a branch plant in Malaysia, and achieved profit in the same year. At present, the turnover of the company's export to Malaysia is 20 million/year.


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