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Triangular column carton design features
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Triangular column type corrugated box is the box and corner lining a page molding, the four corners of the corrugated box form a triangular column or straight corner column structure, so that the compressive strength increased by 20%-50%.

The triangular column carton has two types of pallet and sealed type, and there are a variety of box types to choose from. Compared with the general corrugated box, the compressive strength of the triangular column corrugated box can be increased by 20%-30% under the standard state, and by 40%-60% under the high humidity state. The box will not bulge phenomenon, especially in the wet state; From the structural point of view, the corner part is relatively strong, so the damage rate of the contents is very low when the fall impact and vibration; When the load is applied, the deformation of the carton is stable, which is not easy to cause the collapse of the stack; Pallet-type triangular column corrugated boxes have good sales display.

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