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Separate carton design features
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Separate cartons can be split in two or more during the circulation process, mainly solving the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales.

The separate carton can be combined with various accessories on the basis of the traditional standard box type, and a new molding method can also be used.

The new type of separate carton generally adopts the combination of H-type middle partition board and roll carton.

There are two types of N-type and F-type wrapping cartons. Among them, the F-type is more popular, mainly used in plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and the outer packaging of glass bottles of condiments.

F-type carton can decompose the original 20 bottle boxes into two 10 bottle boxes, the compressive strength of the packaging is also improved, the cost of packaging materials is reduced, and it has a good promotion function.

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