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Packaging carton design features
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The corrugated box is somewhat similar to the 0210 box, the difference is that the 0210 box is parallel to the width of the blank cardboard, and the corrugated box is parallel to the length of the cardboard; The 0210 box connector is connected to the main box surface, while the roll-type carton is connected to the side box surface; The indentation lines of the inside and outside of the 0210 cases are in a straight line, while the roll-type cases are different.

In use, it is not like the 0210 carton, in the carton factory to complete the entire process of making boxes, to the user factory and then fill the contents into the box, but only the die-cut carton blank to the packaging user, by the user to use the automatic packaging machine to put the contents and then wrap it into a box.

Compared with standard boxes, roll-type cartons are characterized by less material, and the cartons are tightly attached to the contents, which can achieve high-speed automation.

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